Invite your suppliers to also be users of the system and do your business in a more organized and unified way.

Invite your colleagues from other ship management companies and they will share with contact details of their suppliers .
Invite your colleagues from other business sectors. Further development of the system will bring you lots of benefits.
- Works with the system

Working with standard features such as planned works for a period or a history of the works performed, you can instantly without any extra effort figure out the budget report according to the company standard for any further period, or obtain a detailed running cost report on the work performed and money spent. It might become the new standard practice for you and your customers.

You can attach any of your documents such as instructions, service reports, certificates and many others as well as photographs and even e-mails to the appropriate place in the system. You can even create your own sets of documents for each group of mechanisms and share them with ships. If you still send reports and photos by e-mail, you should know that you overpay for traffic.

- Building a database

You are free to quickly build a database of your ships. Convenient copying (cloning) of components, works and even ships greatly reduces both the money and time spent. We can also provide specialists for this job.

- Selection of the location of the database

You can place your database on our server and run it through the Internet, connecting from your office computers, your home or from anywhere in the world. Of course, you can allocate your database on your local server in your office.

- Access to Purchasing System

FleetProcess.PMS system users benefit from exporting the requisitions for spare parts to the FleetProcess.Purchasing system, where these requisitions can be managed like any other ship requisitions. We recommend that you install the system FleetProcess.Purchasing together with the system PMS. Details on FleetProcess.Purchasing can be found on this website.