Invite your suppliers to also be users of the system and do your business in a more organized and unified way.

Invite your colleagues from other ship management companies and they will share with contact details of their suppliers .
Invite your colleagues from other business sectors. Further development of the system will bring you lots of benefits.
Questions and Answers
The server provided by MBS is not at the client’s physical disposal and it is accessed via the Internet. The benefit of such a database storing approach is that the clients do not need to worry about the security and safety of their data, nor do they have to maintain their own hardware and constantly worry about the increase in disk space. Another important advantage is the universal access to the database from anywhere in the world. Clients with this kind of connection do not require special applications such as VPN or Remote Desktop. Although MBS provides high-speed communication channels, you should understand that the data interchange speed via the Internet is always slower than via LAN, though sometimes the difference is imperceptible. MBS may apply a fee for using the resources of its server.
Firstly, you can try our system for a trial period in order for you to evaluate it and decide whether it would benefit your business. To do this, you need to register your company and at least one ship on our website in the section Registration for Managers. After checking your account, you'll get full access to all system components for 30 days absolutely free, and you will be able to install applications on ships and in the office. We recommend spending time learning how to work with the system intensively and that you ask questions of our support service in order to become familiar with the software features.
Please contact our support service and ask for the additional features you want to use to be developed or enhanced. Please note that in some cases, we may charge a fee for extra work.
More and more ships have a broadband connection via the Internet and such a channel of communication is the most preferable because you can effectively send large amounts of information. However, if communication only via e-mail is available then this is still enough for effective work as well. If there is no standard e-mail available, and communication with the ship is conducted via SatC, then the information exchange can be made from time to time by passing the information on disks or flash-cards.
The data is transmitted through the equipment available on board at the ship owner’s expense. MBS does not provide its own equipment.
There is only one type of license – the license to use the system as a service which is payable. It is issued to the ship and does not depend on the number of users on the shore or on board. You do not need to buy this system as well as pay an installation fee.