Invite your suppliers to also be users of the system and do your business in a more organized and unified way.

Invite your colleagues from other ship management companies and they will share with contact details of their suppliers .
Invite your colleagues from other business sectors. Further development of the system will bring you lots of benefits.
About the System
Looking for a system that will finally bring the maintenance of your ships into order? Well, you've just found it.

FleetProcess Planned Maintenance System contains the basic features: maintenance, budget, stock, spare parts, purchasing, defect reports and landing control.

The system has a user friendly interface that allows ship and office staff to work effectively without requiring them to attend a special training course, and it does not require special skills for installation in the office and on board. A detailed manual will help you to avoid difficulties.

Nevertheless, this is a very powerful application which will allow you to solve the issues that were previously unthinkable.