Invite your suppliers to also be users of the system and do your business in a more organized and unified way.

Invite your colleagues from other ship management companies and they will share with contact details of their suppliers .
Invite your colleagues from other business sectors. Further development of the system will bring you lots of benefits.
How it works

FleetProcess is a system for the exchange of information between the ships, their managers and the providers of goods and services. Requisitions created by ships in a user friendly application enter the server, and after that a manager can view them, make any corrections and send the requests for a quotation to the companies (depending on the type of order and the port) with the attachment of any photographs, drawings or sketches.

The interactive system between the manager and supplier which allows them to monitor in real time who sent the inquiry and whether it has been accepted for quotation. In turn, the supplier receives both the information that his proposal is being considered, and the complete information about the delivery of goods or services in case of a confirmation. An internal messaging system allows you to have a dialogue regarding any specific order with any interested supplier.

All of the chains of the passing of documents are conveniently displayed, which brings order to the work and saves the time of both the managers and suppliers. Powerful dedicated servers provide reliable, secure and fast access to your business data from any computer anywhere in the world, so you do not need to worry about how and where to store your data.