Invite your suppliers to also be users of the system and do your business in a more organized and unified way.

Invite your colleagues from other ship management companies and they will share with contact details of their suppliers .
Invite your colleagues from other business sectors. Further development of the system will bring you lots of benefits.
Questions and Answers
You will receive orders and requests from different clients in our system according to your sphere of activity and location. For that, you do not have to make any effort or bear any expenses. Moreover, the entire document flow will be clearly structured, and you will only have to think over your proposal. By properly organizing your work, you will greatly succeed in your business.
You can customize your profile on your own, but you should remember that it is effectual to specify only those fields of activity, brand-names and regions where you are actually providing services, otherwise you'll get a lot of non-core applications. Always use only the correct and complete information about the company because it will be available to other users of the system, such as ship owners and managers. Write a short presentation about your company that will be available to all of your potential customers. There is no need to list the types of your services in your resume, as it is evident from the settings of your profile. Remember that it is better to spend a little more time filling in the form correctly and carefully rather than miss a good opportunity later.
We do not provide a direct connection to the server for security reasons, but you can export the RFQ from Fleet Process into your program for further processing, and then import your proposal back to the system. Send an email outlining your requirements to:
Tell us what you would like to see in our system and we will consider your offer. Requests that may be useful to all users are of higher priority and can be implemented free of charge. Very specific requests are accepted too, but we reserve the right to charge a fee in such cases.
Simply add the necessary information in the comments at the time of registration and we'll add it to the system for you. Or write what you want to add about yourself and email it to:
If you are using a centralized RFQ processing and billing, regardless of where the services are located, it is advisable to login as one company. If affiliates have their own accountancy and charge a fee individually, then it makes sense to register each affiliate as a separate company. Of course in this case, you may have a common logo, but the names should differ.
No. You are only provided with a platform for conducting your affairs. Fleet Process does not track your queries, quotations, prices or any other relationships with other users until there are complaints about the system. However, you are required to report by emailing any illegal or fraudulent actions of system users which you become aware of in order to maintain the reputation of other users, the administration and the system itself. In the case of technical problems, you should also report these immediately to the support service on
The commission is 0.5% of the total amount of the confirmed order. It is invoiced after the order is executed and payment received. Read more about it in the User Agreement.